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Lorena Soto

I recently graduated from Kennesaw State University with bachelor's degrees in interaction design and psychology and a minor in criminology. I’m passionate about branding, art direction, UX, UI, visual design and anything else that tells a visual story.


Skills & Tools

♡ Visual Design
♡ User Research
♡ Branding
♡ Art Direction
♡ Web Design
♡ Typography
♡ UX/UI Design
♡ Leadership
♡ Interpersonal skills
♡ Photography
♡ Spanish
♡ German
♡ Korean

♡ Illustrator
♡ InDesign
♡ Photoshop
♡ Figma
♡ Adobe XD
♡ Miro
♡ Webflow
♡ Microsoft Office


♡ Painting: I enjoy painting with watercolors and ink. I occasionally create digital art.

♡ Singing: It's an easy way to practice the various languages I have learned.

♡ Games: I enjoy playing indie games and would like to create my own.

Languages: I'm currently studying Korean and keeping up with German.